Preparing Baby Formula on the Go

Need formula on the go?  Here are a couple of strategies:
To prepare formula on the go, I have found a thermos filled with hot water to be my best friend. For anyone who has never used one before these things are incredible at insulating temperatures and can keep water hot for nearly the entire day. Pre-fill the baby bottle with the right amount of powdered formula, and add the hot water when the little one gets hungry. Since the bottle will be too hot to serve immediately, I like to run the bottle under cold tap water until the desired temperature is reached.

For those of you that do not want to prepare formula on the go, there is an alternative.  You will need an insulated bag and ice packs. Prepare your formula at home, and place it in the insulated bag.  Once baby is a little older, they won’t mind cold formula as much. Especially during warm weather, a nice cold bottle of formula can be very refreshing.  Refrigerated formula is good for up to 24 hours.