Teething Tips

The dreaded teething is upon us once more. From the drool, loose stools, and mild fevers, there seems to be no end in sight. Being a more of two has taught me a few tricks to get through the teeth phase. Mesh and silicone feeders are a lifesaver.
I like to throw in some frozen fruits in the feeder and watch my son get relief from his achy gums. My personal favorite is frozen berries and mango. You still need to supervise your little one when using a mesh or silicone feeder.

Another go to for my little one are healthy smoothies which I prepare with either formula or breast milk. Again I grab frozen fruit, and blend it with the milk of choice. For a greener smoothie you can also add things like organic kale or avocado, and for added nutrition I sprinkle in some chia seeds.

Frozen treats and smoothies can get a bit messy, so if you want to avoid clean up opt for traditional teethers. My son is partial to silicone teethers, but he also loves his Sophie.
It’s also not too early to begin good oral hygiene; my teething boy loves having his teeth brushed with either his banana brush or a finger brush. If your little one already has a set of chompers, make sure to use fluoride free toothpaste that is safe to swallow.