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Transitioning off of the Bottle

Transitioning off the bottle begins early. You might be wondering why it’s necessary to ditch the bottle. Simply put, you want to avoid tooth decay while promoting speech and other developmental skills.

From 4-6 months give the baby a cup or sippy cup to play with during bath time and/or meal times. At that age they do not necessarily start using the sippy cup but will become familiarized with it.

After the 6 month mark feel free to put a little bit of formula or water in a sippy cup. I try to avoid fruit juices at that age though. By 12 months your little one should be saying goodbye to the bottle.

You might be asking yourself what’s the best cup or sippy cup for my child. Like us, our little ones have their own personal tastes and what works for one child won’t necessarily work for another.

With both my sons I experimented with several different sippy cups ranging from straw sippies, soft and hard spouts, and spoutless cups. My boys were and continue to huge fans of straw sippy cups, specifically the Thermos foogo straw cups when at home.

After losing several sippy cups while out and about with the boys, we decided to invest in the First Years Take & Toss straw cups. Another favorite sippy cup in our household is the Miracle 360 cup which is a spoutless cup. 

Have fun with your little ones and experiment with different cups and sippy cups.

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