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NANNY Care Stage 2 Follow On Goat Milk Formula (900g)

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Age: From 6 Months

Package Size: 900g
Country of origin: United Kingdom

A goat milk based formula designed to complement the weaning diet from 6 months. It helps to provide key nutrients :

  • Rich source of Vitamin D
  • Vitamins A & C (for a normal development of the immune system)
  • Iron, Calcium and Vitamin D

It should be used as part of a normal, varied and healthy diet.

NANNY Care formulations are the result of over 25 years of research and experience in goat milk based nutrition for infants and toddlers. They are all made from the finest New Zealand goat milk.

  • Based on whole goat milk
  • Has no added whey proteins
  • Is formulated to meet EU compositional standards
  • Is clinically proven to provide nutritional outcomes comparable to breast fed infants

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