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HiPP Organic Milk Formula Storage Box

HiPP Organic Milk Formula Storage Box

$ 29.95

Need a place to safely store your baby's powdered formula? Look no further than HiPP's milk storage box. This reusable container is optimized to make the job of preparing formula a lot easier and quicker. A built-in scoop holder in the lid ensures that pesky scoop never goes missing again and the scoop leveler will give you precision measurements, even in the dark. 

The milk storage box was designed primarily for either the 400g or 600g HiPP formula boxes but can be used with any other brand. The dry formula can be stored for up to 3 weeks. It should be thoroughly cleaned before and between new packs by sterilizing in the dishwasher or using a cold water sterilizer. 

  • Includes scoop leveler and holder 
  • Compatible with all dry formulas 
  • Holds up to 800g of formula
  • Dishwasher safe