MilkBox Plus Glass Body Airtight Storage Container For Baby Formula & Food BPA-Free - 1.4 L Capacity

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MilkBox preserves the freshness of the wholesome foods you put inside it. Designed with healthy babies in mind, MilkBox is an ideal glass-body storage container for dry baby formula or any other porridge or snack you decide to store. The unique push-button airtight seal technology creates an instant air lock inside. This protects it from elements that can pose sanitary risks such as moisture and germs and extends the life of the food. The wide opening at the top provides easy access to the contents. The MilkBox Plus (1.4 L) is perfect for larger storage needs when your baby's appetite grows.

Product Benefits

  • Airtight seal technology to preserve food freshness
  • Glass-body design ensures it's BPA and BPS-Free. It also doesn't absorb odors like the plastic containers are known to do
  • Protective silicone sleeve ensures your MilkBox is safe from the occasional bump and ding
  • Dishwasher safe body, just hand-wash the lid
  • Holds up to 500g of baby formula
  • Versatile design and function ensures you'll be able to use the MilkBox for years to come
  • One-Finger lock and unlock feature
  • Eco-Friendly and reusable
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Compatible with

Holle, HiPP, Lebenswert, Nanny Care & Many More

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