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Where is your warehouse located?
We are based in the USA, operating right out of New York City. 
How long does order processing take?
We strive to process all orders ASAP. Once the order is received it usually takes 24 business hours to get fulfilled and shipped.
How long does Free Shipping take?
Free shipping is available on all orders of $25+. For customers on the East coast and Central US orders typically take 1-3 days to arrive. Free shipping to the west coast can sometimes take as long as 5 days.
What shipping carriers do you use?
All orders are shipped either USPS or FedEx. 
What is the Express shipping cutoff time (FedEx 2 Day & FedEx Standard Overnight & FedEx Overnight Saturday Delivery)? 
All orders received with FedEx 2 Day or FedEx Standard Overnight as the shipping method will go out same day as long as the order is received by 1PM EST, Monday - Friday. Orders received on a Saturday or Sunday will go out with the Monday pickup. 
FedEx Standard Overnight only delivers Monday - Friday. For overnight orders placed on a Friday before 1PM the order will arrive on Monday. For Saturday delivery please select FedEx Overnight Saturday Delivery at checkout. 
Do you offer UberRush in NYC?
We currently do not offer UberRush as a shipping method in NYC.
Genuine Product Guarantee
All the products we sell are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and authentic. We source them direct from the manufacturer and oversee the entire logistics chain to ensure the product is maintained and handled properly throughout the entire process. 
All of the products we import, specifically baby formula, are declared as such which bypasses scanners when going through customs. This form of declaration carriers additional import fees  which many other companies either overlook or try to save shipping costs on by declaring differently. By managing the end-to-end shipping of our products we are able to ensure the formula's we carry are free from radiation scans.
Expiration Dates
Please note that Europe has a slightly different way of writing dates, in this case expiration dates. The format is DD/MM/YYYY instead of the American version that we're used to, MM/DD/YYYY. For example, a date written as 4/10/2020 is interpreted as October 4th, 2020.
Rest assured that the products we sell are fresh and have extended expiration dates. We receive new shipments weekly to ensure quality and shelf life.

What's the weaning process?
You can learn more about how to wean your baby by checking out our blog HERE

Is formula for me?
This was the same question we were asking ourselves. Our son was two months old and my wife was constantly tired and drained from breastfeeding. Her dizzy spells had gotten so bad that we both agreed that we needed to supplement our infants diet with formula. We discussed the option with our pediatrician who advised us it was okay. Our son was very fond of the Holle Lebenswert formula we began mixing into his milk and my wife slowly began to feel "normal" again. If you find yourself in a similar situation then we highly recommend considering organic formula.
What is Demeter?
Learn more about Demeter Here

Holle Philosophy
In the first six months, it is the best thing for a baby to be breastfeed by its mother. That way, the young organism obtains the nutrients that it needs for its entire life. An infant's need for food increases along with its age and weight, so that feeding it from birth exclusively by breastfeeding or with Infant Formula 1 satisfies it less and less over time. You can start replacing one breastfeeding meal with a porridge meal starting in the fourth month at the earliest. If your baby is not ready for supplementary food, then you can delay introducing it by one or two months.

Since each child develops individually and has its own preferences for specific meals at an early age, deviations from the general feeding plan are quite natural. In like manner, the individual behavior of the baby also affects it energy requirements and hence the desired quantity at meal time. Lively children burn more energy than quiet babies and hence require more frequent meals or larger quantities at meal time. The Holle feeding plan is orientated around the specifications of the Research Institute for Child Nutrition in Dortmund and is intended to be used to support the nutrition of your child.