Starter Swaddle Original | Sand by Embé

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Life Begins With EMBÉ 👶

From the moment baby arrives into the world, Embé is there to calm and comfort. Our Starter Collection swaddles incorporate a patented Legs In / Legs Out design to cool down or warm up baby (to prevent overheating and allow easy diaper change) without un-swaddling and disturbing precious sleep.

These "no break-out" soft and cozy swaddles are safer compared to loose cloth muslin and receiving blankets that can cover the nose and mouth.

The smart Embé zipper and velcro swaddle design further assists in no-fuss swaddling that guides mothers for correct swaddling to prevent wrapping too tightly around the hips which could cause hip dysplasia.

Our swaddles come in one size intended for infants 6-14lbs., up to 26" inches that adjust in length for a perfect fit, ensuring that your baby is swaddled safe and snug during nap time or nighttime.

This is the only swaddle that doesn't unravel and the one swaddle every mother needs for her newborn.

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